Embracing the Challenges and Delivering for Cardiff

Every May, Local Councils across the Country will be formally electing their leaders. At this month’s Council meeting I was formally elected as leader of Cardiff.  It is a great honour to be re-elected, and I’m looking forward to getting on and working hard for our city. I set out my agenda for the next 12 month in my speech to Council. How we will do this is captured in our Corporate Plan, which I blogged about last week. A summary of the Plan is available, which provides a really useful snapshot of what we want to deliver, and why! It also shows our key commitments for the city. Don’t switch off! I know the Corporate Plan may not sound exciting, but it’s our business plan – our roadmap for the city’s future. Check out this video which explains what it’s all about:

There are some exciting opportunities ahead, like the City Deal for Cardiff that could mean big longer term investment in the city and wider region. Having said that, there’s no point kidding ourselves that any of this will be easy; funding is tight, pressures are building and we have difficult choices to make. We also have a new Government in Westminster and they announced last week that they will be holding an emergency budget in July. None of us can know what this will mean but if, as expected, they outline plans to cut £12bn from Britain’s welfare budget we can expect even greater demand for Council services, making them more important than ever.