Radyr Weir Hydro Plant

Welcome to my latest vlog.

I recently visited Radyr Weir to see for myself the fantastic new hydroelectric plant that will generate power for around 550 homes in the city. Two huge turbines turn around as water from the River Taff passes over them and generate electricity – it had been a pretty wet couple of days so the river levels were quite high and both turbines were turning.

It’s a great example of the Council investing in new green technology that will have a benefit for very many years to come. It’s also an example of a scheme that will really help the Council to meet carbon reduction targets and also the wider liveability and quality of life agenda.

There are a couple of picnic benches here and it also runs alongside the cycle path, the Taff Trail, so it’s a great site and location. It’s really worth a visit if you get a chance in the future.

Radyr Weir pic