Community Hubs rolled out across Cardiff

Welcome to my latest VLOG which I recorded recently at the official opening of Fairwater Community Hub.

This new facility in the heart of the community used to be a library. Now it’s very much more than that! We have a range of Council services on offer such as housing advice, into work training services and a fantastic new IT suite. Other services such as the Credit Union as also based in the Hub.

It’s part of a programme that we’ve been rolling out across the city. We’ve seen investment in new Hubs in Ely, Caerau and the City Centre Library has also been transformed. It’s a great way of bringing services together in a sustainable way but it also responds to what residents of Cardiff are telling us that they want in their communities.

There’s a real buzz and excitement about facilities such as the one in Fairwater. In the future facilities such as the one in Fairwater will form a network of Community Hubs that will provide services and advice to the public. I think that they’re a great example of the Council investing in local communities and improving the quality of the services that we provide at the same time.