EU referendum – where now for Cardiff?

EU referendum – where now for Cardiff

Last night’s referendum result has raised many questions and there are no clear answers. We are now left to monitor the fallout. Quite simply we don’t know how the ‘Leave’ vote will affect Cardiff or indeed the City Deal. There is no rule book in this instance, nothing like this has happened before.

What is clear, however, is that the Remain vote in Cardiff – the highest vote for remain in Wales – indicates that our residents share our ambitions to see their city play a role on the European stage, as a European capital.

We all want to see Cardiff and Wales succeed and being part of the European Union has been very important in helping us to bring success to the city over the past 20 years, and it’s clear the majority of our residents saw that too.

We will not give up on making Cardiff a truly successful city, or on our vision of becoming Europe’s most liveable capital city.

We have some major developments coming through; not just the Central Square development and the spin-offs surrounding it, but also the City Deal – of which there is a significant European funding dimension.

For now we don’t know how the Leave vote will affect the City Deal – but I want to assure everyone that we will continue to do everything we can to ensure the Deal is finalised and that it delivers the maximum benefit for the people of the Cardiff Capital Region.

Moving forward we need to convince everyone of the importance of the Welsh capital when it comes to delivering the jobs, prospects and quality of life that people desire and deserve.

We must not lose sight of the city’s significance as the main driver behind the Welsh economy.

If Cardiff succeeds, Wales succeeds.

If Cardiff delivers it delivers for Wales.

But, if Cardiff is to succeed in this new world then it’s clear the city must receive the full financial backing and the devolved powers it needs to grow and prosper in what is, right now, an uncertain future.

These are strange times and these are unchartered waters but I can promise the citizens of Cardiff that we will do our best to deliver for them and for the people of the Capital City Region as we seek to build a prosperous future for all.