Follow the Bear and raise awareness of organ donation

Welcome to this week’s Leader’s Vlog (Video Blog). A weekly update on some of my activities as Leader of City of Cardiff Council.

On Wednesday I had a meeting with Anna –Louise Bates the founder of the organ donation charity “Believe”. Tragically, Anna-Louise lost both her husband Stuart and son Fraser in a road accident last December. Anna-Louise told me that Fraser’s organs went on to save four lives and that she set up the charity in order to support donors and encourage people to have a conversation about the importance of organ donations. I was pleased to hear that her charity has gone from strength to strength raising over £50,000 and attracting more than 4,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Anna-Louise told me that in north Cardiff (where she lives) there is the highest amount of opt-ins for organ donations in the country and that she wants to use social media and the education system to inform people about organ donation laws in Wales.

The charity’s mascot is a teddy bear called Fraser and the message from Anna-Louise is very clear – follow the bear and find out more about organ donations. The website for the Believe charity is