Happy New Year!

New Year is always an exciting time in Cardiff, attracting both residents and visitors. 

On New Year’s Eve I went along to the celebrations around City Hall and Winter Wonderland and gained a behind the scenes insight. I was particularly grateful for the support of Sayers Amusements this year for their role in staging the Capital’s New Year celebrations.

I joined the City Council’s team of safety stewards for their briefing. These hardworking staff ensure the safety and enjoyment of visitors at all our events.

I also had the chance to visit Central Police Station to learn about their role in managing the night time economy, especially on New Year’s Eve.

Finally I went to the Alcohol Treatment Centre, which helps those who have overdone it and then looks to get them home safely. This plays an invaluable role, particularly in reducing the number of people going to A&E departments as a result of drinking.

It was great to see all the different agencies working together to #makethedifference for a successful, enjoyable and safe night of celebrations.

We have lots of exciting things to look forward to this year and I’m sure the events team and our partners will deliver more magical Cardiff moments.