Merry Christmas!

Happy Anniversary Cardiff!

This weekend marked the 60th anniversary of Cardiff as capital city of Wales. After a campaign by the city council and a ballot of Welsh local authorities, on 20th December 1955 the Government declared Cardiff the new capital city. The announcement was made the next day at the entrance to City Hall and then telephoned across to the Coal Exchange, then the centre of commerce in the city. Capital city status has helped make Cardiff a world-class centre for business, sport and culture, and the transformation in the city over the last 60 years has been tremendous.


Budget Q&A

Last week I tried out a new way of communicating with residents via a live web-based Q&A session, based on the City Council’s latest budget proposals.


With Councillor Hinchey ready for the Q&A session

It was a worthwhile experiment in directly engaging with Cardiff citizens and prompted some interesting questions. A full, bilingual transcript of the session will be available on the City Council website soon but here’s a sample:

QA Transcript

Remember you can also have your say about the budget plans through our online survey or at one of our sessions across the city. Details can be found here.


Year in Review

It’s been a busy 12 months in Cardiff with many exciting events and developments. Look out for my article for the South Wales Echo on what a year it has been for the city and some of the things we have to look forward to in 2016!

Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

Merry Christmas all and a Happy New Year!