Meeting local businesses and changes to recycling

Meeting local businesses

One of the Council’s priorities is to create more and better paid jobs. We can only do this by working with new and existing businesses, supporting them, and creating the conditions for businesses to thrive. Engaging with local businesses, especially as we work towards delivering a City Deal for Cardiff and the wider region, is extremely important if we are to deliver our vision of Cardiff becoming Europe’s most liveable city.

During July the City Council, working with Business Wales and Business in Focus, has held a series of business roadshows across the city. This has been an opportunity to go and speak to businesses, understand their issues, and promote key projects, such as the development of a City Deal. It has also provided businesses with direct access to a range of council services and information about Cardiff Bus services.

Business Roadshow St Mellons

The final business roadshow will take place on the 29th July near Ocean Way in Splott – if you’d like to find out about how the Council and its partners can support businesses or the projects we are taking forward – you can find more details by following the Invest in Cardiff account.


The return of the Cardiff Bay Beach

Building on the success of last year, the Vueling Cardiff Bay Beach returns for another summer, bigger and better than ever before!

The urban beach, on Roald Dahl Plass, opens to the public this weekend until the 5th September and is free to enter. Boasting over 300 tons of sand, there will be even more attractions and entertainment on offer.

Urban Beach

Events and activities like these are important in bringing together communities and attracting visitors from all over the UK and further afield, and provide opportunities for family days out during the school holidays. The beach attracted over 250,000 visitors in its first year, a figure exceeded last year. I’m sure even more people will visit this year!

For more information about opening times and what will be available at the beach, visit the Cardiff Bay Beach website.


Recycling Changes – Get it out the black and move it into the green

You may have read about the changes to recycling and rubbish collection that are taking place in the city.

The City of Cardiff has a recycling target of 58% this year and for every 1% we miss this by we could be fined by the Welsh Government around £400k. This comes at a time when we need to meet a budget shortfall of around £117m over the next 3 years.

The recycling target for all Welsh Local Authorities will increase to 70% by 2025 as we aim to deliver the Welsh Government’s aim of becoming a zero waste nation by 2050. Cardiff currently recycles more than any other UK core city, including cities such as Manchester, Bristol and Glasgow; however, we are one of the worst performing areas in Wales. Therefore, we need to improve and fast!

Research has shown that in other areas where restrictions on the number of black bags that households can put out, or where the size of wheeled bins has been reduced, has led to significant improvements in recycling rates. In Trafford and Salford, where they introduced smaller wheeled bins, it led to a 10% increase in recycling.   Whereas in Monmouthshire, restricting the number of household waste bags (black bin bags) to 2 bags per fortnight per household has reduced household waste by 56% and increased recycling by 30%. Other Councils, such as Gwynedd and Falkirk, have taken alternative measures and decided to collect household waste every 3 weeks instead.

I’d encourage people across the city to do everything they can to recycle and compost more and ‘move it into the green’. If you’d like more information on these changes, or to find out more about recycling in Cardiff, please visit the Council’s website.