Creating Great Public Spaces

We will all have a favourite spot in the city, but have you ever asked yourself “why do I like this part of Cardiff?”

The way buildings and public spaces look, and the way they connect with each other, have a big impact on the quality of the environment. Our ambition is to make sure that all areas of Cardiff are characterised by outstanding design. We want to lead the way on this agenda, along with other major cities in the world, such as Frieburg in Germany, who have been hailed as a “shining example of sustainability”.

We have therefore published the Liveable Design Guide which sets the Council’s expectations when a new settlement or community is being created. The guide provides planning and urban design principles for all major development sites throughout the city. This is very important, particularly with the city expected to grow significantly over the next 10 years.

Whilst the document is aimed primarily at developers to help them better understand our aspirations for our city and local communities, we hope it will help everyone engage with the development process!


New Cardiff Public Realm Manual – Have your say!

In addition to the Liveable Design Guide, the City of Cardiff is also in the process of developing similar guidelines for the design of public realms within the city. A draft guide is available for you to view on the City of Cardiff Council website.

The public realm refers to the space between buildings where people have free access, such as streets and public squares. You can find many examples of these across the city already! For instance, St Johns Gardens and St Mary Street in the city centre:

St Johns Gardens

St Johns Garden

Queen Street

Queen Street

High quality design together with high quality materials can create a great sense of place and I believe that streets can be so much more than places where we simply walk, cycle or travel through. The public realm should be attractive and enjoyable places to spend time in.

By working together to build on existing achievements we can create high quality public spaces which can enhance the quality of life within our local communities, promote business and tourism and help deliver our vision of making Cardiff Europe’s most liveable Capital City.

You can submit your thoughts on the Public Realm Manual by Tuesday 30th June 2015 (4.00pm) by emailing or writing to:

Strategic Planning
Cardiff Council
Room 223 County Hall
Atlantic Wharf
CF10 4UW

Neighbourhood Teams Trial New Service Improvement Scheme

We are working hard to make sure that Council Services can respond quickly to community needs. That is why a number of council departments- including parks, street cleansing and waste enforcement- have joined together to find new Neighbourhood Services model in the South West area of Cardiff.

Results from this trial have shown that this new joined up approach has helped deliver a reduction in litter and fly-tipping, tackled incorrect waste disposal issues and also delivered cost savings for the Council by reducing the fuel usage and travel time of Council staff. Since February of this year, areas including Ely, Caerau, Riverside and Canton have been the first to benefit.

On a recent visit to Riverside, staff told me that they were beginning to see real improvements on the ground and had a much better understanding of how they can help other Council departments address some of the issues they face.

Out with our hardworking Street Cleansing team in Riverside

Out with our hardworking Street Cleansing team in Riverside

Another major opportunity to improve the quality of our local environment involves the introduction of an ‘app’ which is designed for reporting issues instantly. This new technology shows how Cardiff is becoming a ‘smart’ city. We want to make it easier for you to get in touch with us, we want to speed up our response and we want to do all this in a more cost effective way.

The pilot will now, by using new technology, be rolled out to other parts of the city over the coming year.